21 February 2007

Special issue: Automatic learning and real time

International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications 2(2/3) 2007 is a special issue: Automatic learning and real time.
Article titles:
* Yet Even Faster (YEF) real-time object detection
* Dynamic learning of action patterns for object acquisition
* Supervised, edge adaptive maps
* A cooperative learning approach to Mixed Performance Controller design: a behavioural viewpoint
* Model-based learning control with non-repetitive initial conditions
* Parametric Iterative Learning Control in the time and frequency domain
* Real-time machine learning in embedded software and hardware platforms
* Event triggered Holonic organisation formation
* Informax principle-based query expansion using Hopfield neural networks
* Multi-SOMs for classification
* Incremental learning for spoken affect classification and its application in call-centres
* Online modelling based on Genetic Programming
* Idea, conception and realisation of learning abilities for robot control using a Situation-Operator-Model
* Bayesian imitation learning in game characters
* Incremental online PCA for automatic motion learning of eigen behaviour
* Controlling an autonomous agent using internal value based action selection


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