26 February 2007

Call for papers: International Journal of Tourism Policy

The International Journal of Tourism Policy, published quarterly from March 2007, is a unique and innovative publication providing a forum for scholars and policy makers to exchange views and ideas at an international level on key issues that shape the growth of today’s tourism industry. Its objectives are:

  • to present the latest multidisciplinary set of views on tourism
  • to contribute towards a deeper understanding of international tourism
  • to disseminate knowledge by providing insights into developments, issues and methods in tourism research essential to theoretical understanding and practice

IJTP strongly encourages you to submit your research to us. We publish theoretical papers, empirical papers, policy-related papers, case studies and book reviews. The topics of the journal include, but are not limited to:

  • Advances in tourism policy-making
  • Tourism development and planning
  • Public administration of tourism development
  • Local government role and responses to tourism development
  • European Union policies in tourism
  • Tourism education and its role in managing tourism development
  • Tourism research and methodology
  • Terrorism, safety and security in tourism
  • Economic/social/environmental/cultural impact of tourism
  • Cross-cultural differences
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Alternative and special forms of tourism
  • Industry’s role in managing growth
  • Future of tourism
  • Globalisation and tourism
For submission guidelines, please check the journal webpage

All submissions are double blind referred. The double-blind review process takes on average 6 weeks. Currently the acceptance rate is approximately 20-25%.


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